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Technical Artist (Unreal Engine)

office work
Pushka studios is a group of people who loves games. We act with ownership to create the result we can take pride in. We set big goals and high expectations, we think forward and accept opportunities to achieve success. We believe that the best results come from people who can think outside the box. We enjoy what we do.

Main responsibilities

  • create and customize materials for various needs;
  • create and customize VFX effects;
  • adjust the lighting in the scene, atmospheric / weather effects;
  • optimize content;
  • work with levels;
  • work with Blueprints.

Required skills

  • knowledge of the basics of UE4;
  • setting up the Unreal Editor to perform various works (working with levels, animations, materials, etc.);
  • knowledge and ability to work with tools for editing objects at the level;
  • basic knowledge in creating and editing materials;
  • understanding the basics of lighting and types of lighting;
  • knowledge of light sources settings;
  • postProcesing and atmospheric effects settings;
  • understanding the principles of the particle system and the creation of particles;
  • basic knowledge of performance and optimization.

Will be an

  • knowledge and ability to work in 3D modeling programs;
  • ability to work in 2D editing programs;
  • creating and editing textures;
  • technical English.

We offer

  • Career and professional development;
  • Competitive salary which is linked to the exchange rate;
  • Transparent working conditions;
  • Long-term employment, paid vacation and sick days;
  • Regular salary reviews;
  • Compensation of 50% of the cost of parking;
  • Compensation of 50% of the cost of corporate English lessons and training courses, video courses;
  • A cool team and a variety of activities for every taste;
  • Comfortable office in the city center;
  • Partial compensation of the parking space;
  • Assistance with relocation from other cities.